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For guests with AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER and other neurodiverse conditions.

About this Guide

The information in this guide has been prepared by Autism Double-Checked to assist visitors with ASD when visiting Boothill Inn & Suites, Billings MT. For neurodiverse visitors, please make use of the information that may relate to your visit. For neurotypical parents, caregivers or traveling companions, please make use of this to assist the special guest that you are accompanying.

The objective, throughout, is to give advance information about sensory, and other, issues that may need extra consideration for visitors with ASD. The Guide gives information about the nature of these issues. Guests should view this information in the context of their own, unique, challenges.

Due to the wide variety of issues that may arise for individuals with ASD, such guidance is general in nature. If you encounter something that is not covered in this guide, please contact the Autism Concierge by clicking here prior to your visit or seek the help of a member of Boothill Inn & Suites, Billings MT staff once you are there.

Throughout this Guide, we make use of the following Sensory Issue Advisory Triangles.

  • Safety
  • Crowds
  • Body Awareness
  • Time or Duration
  • Noise
  • Lighting
  • Taste or Smell
  • Heat or Cold

Preparing for Your Visit

Make use of the Hotel Website at:

Review the information given in this guide.

If you need further specific information that is not covered by either of the above resources, you should contact the Autism Concierge by clicking here

If you wish to share information ahead of your visit about your unique needs and preferences, please use the Autism Passport. You can get that by clicking here.


In general terms, January, April, October, November, and December are the quietest. Weekdays and Sundays are generally the quietest times of the week.

Visitors who have problems with crowds may wish to take this information into account when planning a visit.

Important General Information


Nearest Airport(s)

IATA Code Full Name Distance Shuttle Service Available
BIL Billings Logan International Airport 2.5 mi

Nearest Emergency Room(s)

Name Distance
Billings Clinic 2.5 mi

Nearest Pharmacy(ies)

Name Distance
CVS Pharmacy 0.5 mi

Time or Duration

Normal check-in time is 3:00 pm and normal check-out time is 11:00 am.

Guests arriving earlier, or departing later, than normal times may request early check-in or late check-out. These will be handled on a "best efforts" basis, subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

The best method to request early check-in is to call in advance. The best method to request late check-out is to ask at the front desk.

Lost Person Help and Other Safety Information


  • Door Alarm:
    Temporary hanging door alarms can be requested by guests. Please ask at the front desk.
  • Breakable cups or glasses:
    Cups or glasses can be easily replaced by non-breakable ones upon request.
  • Mini bar/fridge
    We provide a mini bar/fridge in our rooms for your convenience.
  • Mini bar/fridge can be emptied:
    The mini bar/fridge can be emptied upon your request.
  • Lost Person Protocol:
    • If a family member gets lost, report to a member of the front desk staff and request an alert to all staff members who may be able to assist in searching.
    • Give them as much information as possible including gender, age, race, clothing description, last known location, direction of travel, if known, and communication abilities (verbal/non-verbal/understands verbal communication).
    • It is recommended that you have a recent photo available on your mobile device so that you can share it with the resort team.
    • In normal circumstances GPS functions throughout the premises and there are no “blind spots.”
    • Stay at the front desk. This will enable the resort team to locate you as soon as possible once your family member has been located.
  • Other Safety Protocols:
    The Boothill Inn has security cameras throughout the public areas of the hotel. As a smaller hotel, the staff is able to monitor all entrances/exits and hallways (five total). The swimming pool is only accessible with a room key.

Outdoor, Entrance and Public Areas

Rooms and Accommodations

Noise (requesting the quietest rooms)

Ask for a corner room, away from the elevator.

Restaurants and Food Service


Pools and Recreation

Other Amenities

Coin operated laundry machines available. Ice machines on all guest room floors. Beverage vending machines located on all guest room floors.