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As a devoted traveler and seasoned project manager, I've found a beautiful synergy between my two passions. With each journey, I apply the meticulous planning, coordination, and adaptability honed through years of project management experience. From crafting detailed itineraries to orchestrating seamless logistics, I thrive on turning travel dreams into reality. I grew up visiting national monuments with my family. During "the pause" I watched as my dads health declined. As the dementia worsened, those memories stayed. I'm out to ensure everyone has the opportunity to make lifelong memories regardless of budget or accessibility needs.

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If you wish to share information ahead of your visit about your unique needs and preferences, please use the Autism Passport. You can get that by clicking here.

Advisor Information

  • Name:
    Kathy Feather
  • Website:
  • Time Zone:
    Eastern Time – EST/EDT
  • Address:
    Greenville, SC 29609-1556, United States
  • Travel Specialties:
    autism travel family travel multi-generation/group travel cruise all-inclusive disney other theme park independent city stays
    Destination Specialties:
    united states florida canada mexico caribbean europe


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Monday 9:00 am 4:00 pm
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Friday 9:00 am 2:00 pm
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